Planet Rocket is on a MISSION

To create a social platform for collaborative solutions to community problems.

We beleive by empowering and connecting cities, nonprofits, small businesses, schools, and community members, there is nothing we cannot do. Also, it wont hurt to have fun in the process

Our BIG Vision

A connected, collaborative effort of our planet for a better world

Working on world peace, the mitigation of climate change, creating a sustainable economy, fostering a healthy relationship between technology and humanity, and a more loving and compassionate world are worth for a mission statement

Our HUMBOLDT County Vision

We have people, we have the resources, now we need the plan

One of the greatest places on our planet is the perfect place to show the world what a community can really do. There is no problem that we cannot solve in our community. Suppose we did make our community a more vibrant place, what would that look like?